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NEW Shanghai, China Internship Program

We are pleased to announce an expanded internship opportunity for students interested in studying in Shanghai, China. Starting in Summer 2015, students will have the opportunity to take an intensive 10 week internship over the summer sessions (May 23 – August 10).  Additionally, students will still be able to participate on the optional Beijing tour (if…


New Shanghai Scholarships for Spring 2015

A bright skyline, colorful high rises and a hub for multinational corporations make Shanghai a notable city. Between marathons, the Chinese train experience and various city events it’s hard for Shanghai not to make it to the top of the “Must See” list. USAC wants to help you cross that city off your list by…


Reggio Emilia, Italy – New Course Offerings & Internships!

Reggio Emilia — our newest Italy study abroad program — continues to bloom with diverse course offerings and unique internship opportunities! Check them out below: Fall Semester 2014 Communication between the Sexes (COM, 400-level, 3 credits) Introduction to Human Social Psychology and Behavior (PSY, 200-level, 3 credits) Nutrition across the Lifespan (NUTR, 300-level, 3 credits)…

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USAC Language Coordinator Published Article on Maximizing Language Learning Abroad

Credit source The USAC Spanish Language Coordinator, Dr. Asunción Martínez, drafted the following article on language learning for, where she is an in-house expert on study abroad. How to Maximize Language Learning While Studying Abroad Are you thinking of investing time and money to embark in a study abroad program? This can be a life-changing decision…


Watching History Unfold: Scotland Referendum

Breanne Bartok, a current study abroad student on our Stirling, Scotland program, wrote us about her personal experience as she watched history unfold before her. There were booths in the Atrium (the main lobby/building area where there have been events and Activities Fairs all week) for both sides. I’ve seen a lot of people wearing Yes badges, and windows…